Ever get that feeling when you KNOW you’re fuckin up…?? WELL I GET IT ALL THE FUCKING TIME AND IT SUCKS SHITT

If you really knew me, you’d know Im not the star child that everyone thinks i am…You’d know that behind this smile is just somebody looking for a way out…


I love that feeling that you get when you just realiz how much you really love a person and want to be with them. But i hate the feeling when there is something or someone in your way and preventing you from doing that, But the worst feelin is knowing that you’re hurting someone else and you REALLYREALLY  love them. So what else is there to do but sit back and watch???????

Man I knew you two were fuckin lying this whole time. I saw it when we were goin out that you liked him. And you’re one of my so called “Bestfriends”.

And if you think imma let this get to me then you thought wrong, my life don’t stop just because you don’t know what you might be losing.


I think its funny when someone says they will be there for you forever and always and then disappear. And they are the ones who would sell you out for 5 bucks. You made a commitment and i was fuckin retarted enough to believe every single word that came out your mouth. Even when i needed you the most you left me out in the rain to drown.

To me a commitment is being there NO MATTER WHAT, not just saying I love you and that you care but showing it as well, not judging someone for who they truly are or want to be.

This is why I let no one in and trust no one cause the only person I’ll ever be able to count on and trust in this world is ME

OK there are some things in this world I just can’t fuckin stand. I seriously cant stand LIARS,ACCUSERS,FAKERS,HATERS. All these things urk me in different ways.

So basically its like this, Don’t lie to me and i won’t lie to you, dont’ accuse me of shit without askin questions, don’t be fake wit me cause imma keep 1000 wit you, I do adore all my haters but some just take hatin to a whole other level. yeah so if you know you got any of these problems please don’t come around me with that ish.




Bitch you are so fuckin stupid. You tell me I need to change because you think something is wrong wtih me, but I refuse to listen to your nonsense. Sooo, you go out and pay someone to tell me that some thing is wrong with me and that I need to change. You’ve just officially wasted your time and money on something that is clearly not going to work.